Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas World

Here we are again...another Christmas almost done.

This one was a bit harsher than others- less money, less time- we're not alone- no need to dwell on that depressing topic huh?

As I sit here with my youngest daughter watching one of my gifts- the DVD of "Julie & Julia", I imagine myself cooking my way through Julia Child's cookbook. Of course, I think again- can't do the seafood thing myself- yuck! But I would love the cooking part.

Cooking is such a creative activity. You can either start with a recipe or not. If you do start with a recipe, you can choose to follow it directly, or only a little...and you can change your mind and do it differently every time you make the dish. You can add your own personality to whatever you do when you cook. Then- you get to actually appreciate and enjoy the fruits of your labor. YOU actually get to sit down and consume your own piece of art.

The perfect artform- food.

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