Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Travel, Travel and More Travel.

Wow...it has been quite a while. My posts almost always start with that kind of a statement.

Let's see.... Where to begin? It is a bit hard feeling like I am talking to the big empty space that is an unread blog, but I will do it anyway. ok?

Since I last blogged, life has been busy.

My husband and I celebrated our 30th anniversary with a trip to Niagara Falls. What a great place to visit. We had a relaxing time and saw all the sights. Highly recommended!

Here is a photo of us in front of the Cave of the Winds:

There have been several other trips:

- A couple of visits to Connecticut (nice place, but nothing too exciting)
- A couple of day trips to New York City (much more exciting)
- A very long day, but a great visit to The Art of Video Games exhibit at the Smithsonian in Washington DC
- An overall not so fun visit to Rochester, although it included a wonderful dinner meeting a cousin I had never met before
- A trip to my favorite place to visit (in spite of fog and rain) - SEATTLE! I love the Pacific Northwest. While there, I was able to visit an exhibit of my favorite glass artist- Dale Chihuly. What a great time. Photos below:

I am truly fortunate to be able to travel. I do enjoy it most of the time (sorry Rochester, you got a raw deal)

Speaking of travel, I have a big one coming up.... TOKYO!! I can't describe how excited I am for this trip. I have barely been out of the US (does 10 miles into Canada really count??) and I have never left North America.

My son and I will be going for 8 days. He has a better grasp of the language than I do (which is next to none...). I am busily listening to audio books, using Android apps and studying as much as I can to pick up not only tidbits of language, but also culture. While the Japanese have become somewhat Westernized in recent years, they still have a very different culture than we do here in the US. I am most interested in not offending anyone.

My son has been there before, but was not able to experience as much of the food choices as he would have liked. While I am not a seafood lover, I can be a bit adventurous where food is concerned so I am looking forward to an eating adventure. I will try most anything, so we should have a blast.

We will also be shopping at the most amazing little shops. Anyone who has been to Bryant Park at the holidays may be familiar with the pop-up shops they set up there. The ones we will be going to in Japan are like those shops only times 1000. I love little stores like that and I can't wait to just spend a day browsing all the stores and finding lots of things to send back home.

I plan to try to blog from there (best laid plans...no promises) but we will see what happens.

As Porky was known to say...

Th..th...that's all folks!