Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas World

Here we are again...another Christmas almost done.

This one was a bit harsher than others- less money, less time- we're not alone- no need to dwell on that depressing topic huh?

As I sit here with my youngest daughter watching one of my gifts- the DVD of "Julie & Julia", I imagine myself cooking my way through Julia Child's cookbook. Of course, I think again- can't do the seafood thing myself- yuck! But I would love the cooking part.

Cooking is such a creative activity. You can either start with a recipe or not. If you do start with a recipe, you can choose to follow it directly, or only a little...and you can change your mind and do it differently every time you make the dish. You can add your own personality to whatever you do when you cook. Then- you get to actually appreciate and enjoy the fruits of your labor. YOU actually get to sit down and consume your own piece of art.

The perfect artform- food.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Monday


Another Monday is day closer to the big holiday. Woo Hoo.... I admit that was as half-hearted as it probably seemed as you read it. Sorry, just not feeling it yet. I will get there, I always do- just not there yet.

I haven't shared much information about myself. Let's start with family- that's where my heart is (a cliche, I know but it is SO true).

I am proud to say that my husband and I have been married 27 years. TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS! That's simply impossible- I can't be older than 27 years- how could I be married that long?? It's funny to think about now, but when those older people we talked to as newlyweds told us- the years really do fly by.

We have three children- a daughter 27 (don't do that math please!), a son 25 and a daughter 21. I am no longer the mother of youngsters. No longer can I say that I have teenagers at home. My children are all of legal age to drive a car, elect our president and legally drink alcoholic beverages.

I am no longer simply a Mother- I am also a Mother-in-Law. Our oldest daughter is married to a great man and has made us grandparents, not just once but she is working on giving us a second grandchild.

This brings me to Grandchildren. Can I mention Grandchildren? As any other grandparent will tell you- there is nothing better. You really can't appreciate them until you experience them. The sheer joy of raising wonderful children is un-paralleled; nothing can match that experience. The next best thing is your grandchildren. They are amazing. You get all the best, most fun parts of parenthood- the adoration, the unquestioning love, the fantastic kiddie hugs without having all the responsibility. You really do get to spoil them with all the fun things without having to do all the hard work- what could be better?

This does not come without a down side, however. You still have all the worry and none of the control. It takes a lot to figure out when to hold your tongue and let the new parents just figure it out on their own and wait until they are ready to ask for your opinion and help. You remind yourself- "You were them once and the little ones are amazingly resilient" You just need to let them find their way....and they do. Then you are back to one of the best times again- Watching your child become a parent- not just becoming a parent, but becoming a great parent. There is no greater sense of pride than being the parent of a good parent.

Our children have become so much more than we could have anticipated. All three have gone to college (two out of three are done, the third is a junior in college as I type). They make us proud every day with their knowledge, common sense and dedication. My husband and I came from very limited means- neither of us were educated past high school. We have scraped and clawed our way to try to give them the benefit of education and experiences. It seems to be paying off so far.

We are very fortunate.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Well, Here I Am

Hello Blogosphere....

How many first blog posts have started with that gem? Oh well. Not a good start I admit, but one has to start somewhere, right?

I am not sure what I plan to accomplish with this blog other than to share some thoughts. The first thought I shared was how un-original I am. OK, I bet a bunch of other people out there in blog land probably feel the same way from time to time, right?

Time will tell how often I feel like posting here, so no expectations and no pressure. Just a place to come and put down some thoughts.

Today, my husband and I are off to a Christmas party with his side of the family- this is exciting since we rarely socialize as a couple, only at holidays. We do need to find costumes before this holiday party....a costume holiday party... That's a concept that was new to me. Not really into that part, it should be fun but I am just not feeling it- I think I just have too many other things to think about to care about a costume right now. It will be a blast though- so I am still excited.

Well, off to do the Sunday errands before the party- Blog again soon!