Sunday, December 6, 2009

Well, Here I Am

Hello Blogosphere....

How many first blog posts have started with that gem? Oh well. Not a good start I admit, but one has to start somewhere, right?

I am not sure what I plan to accomplish with this blog other than to share some thoughts. The first thought I shared was how un-original I am. OK, I bet a bunch of other people out there in blog land probably feel the same way from time to time, right?

Time will tell how often I feel like posting here, so no expectations and no pressure. Just a place to come and put down some thoughts.

Today, my husband and I are off to a Christmas party with his side of the family- this is exciting since we rarely socialize as a couple, only at holidays. We do need to find costumes before this holiday party....a costume holiday party... That's a concept that was new to me. Not really into that part, it should be fun but I am just not feeling it- I think I just have too many other things to think about to care about a costume right now. It will be a blast though- so I am still excited.

Well, off to do the Sunday errands before the party- Blog again soon!


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