Tuesday, November 15, 2016


What a difficult time we are experiencing right now.

Politically, our country has been torn to shreds.  We have just come through the most divisive Presidential election that I have ever seen.  I hope we never see one like it again.

The election is over, but the controversy continues.  People are not accepting the results of the process as it was designed.  While I was not hoping for the result we got- I respect the process and I wish others would stop the turmoil.  I am not expecting everyone to suddenly feel like they need to spew rainbows and unicorns, but let's just wait for the guy to screw up before we hang him for the crime.  The negativity can't continue.

His words before he was elected and before he is inaugurated are just that- WORDS.  While words hurt, they are like a sales pitch.  All talk.  Let's see what his ACTIONS tell us.  We have absolutely no choice in the matter at this point.  The choice has been made.

When I titled this post "Priorities", it was very intentional.  Over the past few months, my priorities have needed to shift.

Ultimately, there are checks and balances in place to prevent one person from totally screwing with the country.  I have to maintain hope that the greater good will prevail and I need to let this one go.  I have much bigger issues to dwell on right now, this can't consume me.  

Financially, we are living very carefully because we are down to being a one income family.  We have reordered our financial priorities to only those things that are absolute necessities.  So much for ordering out several times a month!  Even the things that seemed necessary a few months ago are now questioned and considered before putting out the investment.

Psychologically, I am living very carefully because there are too many stressors in my life for me to direct my energies to all of them at once.  Taking one day- and sometimes one hour- at a time has become my priority for getting through the day.  I can't dwell on the big picture- it is too overwhelming, so I just look to the next thing I need to think about and get through that.

Physically, these first two things are robbing me of my rest and relaxation- which takes a toll on my physical being.  This one I need to work on.  Sleep is difficult.  Dreams are a problem.  Restful sleep seems to be a thing of the past.

Without going into specifics, there seems to have been a parade of Negatives NoOnes marching down the sidewalk towards my house lately and I am ready for them to bring some Positive Pollys along for a balance.

The hopeful person that always lives inside me knows that "this too will pass" and I am only presented with things that I can handle.  Nothing can break me!  I would really just like to jump to the end of this chapter of the story now, ok?

Don't worry, I am still the positive person I have always been.  Just a bit more tired and worn right now.  I'll be back shortly after this little exhaustion break.

See you soon.