Friday, March 24, 2017

An Open Letter to the President

Mr President-

I sit here reading a report that resulted from a phone call you made to a Washington Post reporter today after the health care bill you so desperately wanted to see passed today was pulled from the floor without a vote.  What I read is disappointing to me on so many levels.

I was not a fan of the bill, so I won't pretend to have been disappointed that it wasn't successful today.  The Affordable Care Act (so fondly remembered as Obamacare) does need help, few would argue that- but I don't feel that the plan presented in the bill put forth this week was the one to get us where we need to be.  Too many holes in the healthcare system with no answers on how they were to be filled, in my humble opinion.

Still, this was not where my disappointments came in with regard to the Washington Post phone call.  While I applaud the fact that you reached out to the press, it was the tone.  The content.  I could understand you being upset over needing to go back to the drawing board and working up another plan- THAT would not disappoint me Mr President.  That would actually garner some respect from me because it would show me how much you care about making this the best plan it could be for each and every American- Republican or Democrat- Libertarian or from the Green party or an Independent who prefers to stand unaffiliated with any party.  But that wasn't what I saw in the reaction based on the reporting.  I saw the standard response I see every time.  Bitterness and a penchant for lashing out at "the other guy".

"Those Democrats" are the reason the health care bill failed.  "Not one Democrat" was going to vote for it.  In a Republican majority congress, it is all about those pesky Democrats.  NO mention of the Republicans who apparently failed to side with the party and didn't think it was a good idea either, because it wasn't going to pass even with the support of it's own people behind it.  

Most of all, not one mention of the people who are supposed to be benefiting from this.  The people who need help from the bill.  People who must purchase their own health care coverage.  Let us not lose sight of who and why this bill is being written.  They are your customer.  They are your BOSS.  They pay your paycheck.  Don't forget them!

All of the focus was on waiting for Obamacare to explode.  The Democrats own it, it is now totally the property of the Democrats.  It's in for some rough, rough days.

And while we are on the subject.

We all own the health care system.  The democrats do not own it.  Sorry, they don't

The election is over.  Done.  IN THE PAST.

How about we get past the name calling, bad mouthing and get down to the fact that you are leading one country...tis of thee and all that stuff we sing about?  Remember that?  The Pledge of Alliegance?
One Nation?  Not two divided by party affiliations.  ONE.

We should not be waiting for one group to fail and come running back to ask for help.  We should be working together for a better America.  What kind of a lesson is it for our children when the leader of our country is acting like some cross between Jeff Dunham's Grumpiest old Man "Walter" and a 5 year old who doesn't want to share his toys?    All you get is a bitter pill who says words that don't make sense.  Explains a lot.

Please remember that you are working for us.  Start showing us you remember who we are.

Your One Nation.