Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Update....Losing Weight

I haven't posted any updates on my dieting....I think because I was afraid I would jinx myself.

Now that I am approaching a major milestone in my weight loss, I think I am ok posting an update. You can laugh at's silly to think that a blog post can completely undo a diet plan, but hey- this is big stuff...can't mess with the mojo.

As of right now, I am just over a pound from a weight loss total of 40 pounds! That is FORTY POUNDS!!!!!!!!! Yes, I am excited. I have dropped 4 dress sizes in just over 6 months.

I feel really good, both physically and mentally. I feel better walking, sitting, moving...basically doing anything. Losing the weight has helped my pain level a great deal. When I look in the mirror, I am starting to see myself again, instead of that fat woman I didn't recognize.

It's nice- I missed me.

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